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11 September 2014 @ 08:45 am
Windkeeper shared plastic (no gardening required) versions of the dolphin, egg, and llama shrub with recolors here
Havelock shared Argon's Seasons-compatible bundled version here

2004-09 Decorative Egg Topiary
Decorative Egg Topiary

2004-09 Missink Point Mystery Topiary
Missink Point Mystery Topiary

2004-09 Skyline Topiary
Skyline Topiary

2004-09 Surplus Llama Lawn Ornament
Surplus Llama Lawn Ornament

2004-09 The Poetic Porpoise Topiary
The Poetic Porpoise Topiary

ts2 topiaries.sims2packs
ts2 topiaries updated for Seasons by Argon